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First New Boar Arrival- Spring 2017

So...... very please to announce that Michigan Mini Juliana Pig and Wisconsin Mini Juliana Pig are currently colaoraing on the transfer of ownership of Michigan Mini Juliana Pig   "Gunther".​​

Gunther  will be my first Boar.  He is very small and a handsome little guy.  Well known for his sweet and friendly disposition.  If all goes according to plans, Gunther should be arrive in Spring of 2017.  Therefore,
I anticipate Gunther and Dottie will should have their first litter in Spring of 2017.

I was originally interested in purchasing a piglet for  breeding stock, but this unique opportunity came along and we welcome Gunther with open arms and hearts. 
First to be bred will be "Dottie".  She is older than her half sister "Bonnie". I anticipate Dottie is anticipated to have her first litter in the Summer of 2017.

UP DATE!!! 2016
Still Waiting for Arrival "Future Man Pig"  ​​


   Whats News? 

In Search of "Future Man Pig"  03-31-16

Road Trip... New Arrival "Bon Bon" 01-25-16

Road Trip... New Arrival "La De Dah" 01-25-16

This little piggy "La De Dah " arrived to Wisconsin Mini Juliana Pig, along with her younger half sister "Bon Bon" on this cold and snowy day of January 25, 2016.  

She was born at Ahren's Hobby farm, in Anna Illinois.  La De Dah was born on Novemenr 15, 2015.