Wisconsin Mini Juliana Pig 
Random Lake, WI
        Registered Breeder (JPAR)
            (262) 339-1394

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to breed these little pigs, as they are one of the smallest and docile pigs breeds in the world" Cheryl


Looking for a piglet?  Wisconsin Mini Juliana Pig is currently accepting adoption applications and deposits for it's very first litter of piglets.  Before making such a commitment, please do your research. Juliana pigs can live 15 years or longer and owning a pig can be more like adoptiong a child, than it is owning a dog or cat.  Pigs are very observant, smart and can be emotional at times.  They can use this intellegence for good and for bad... if they become neglected or bored. 
Pet pigs are still considered "live stock" in most communitites and there maybe ordinances preventing ownership of a pig.  During the last year, I have noticed many townships in Wisconsin have been modifying their ordinances to allow a pet house pig.  This is due to their popularity and fact that pig make very good house pets and companions when you make them part of the family.    
Video of Juliana piglets from Michigan Mini Juliana Pig

In January of 2016, Wisconsin Mini Juliana Pig purchased two beautiful Juliana piglets.  
I spent time with them, cared for them and have truly enjoy their company.  They are half sisters and have the same father ("Armani of Ahren's Hobby Farm").  "La De Dah"  aka... "Dottie" has one blue eye and is the older of the two pigs.  Her half sister's name is "Bon Bon" aka..."Bonnie" or "Bubbles" as I like to call her.  

I waited for over a year to purchase my first boar to begin my breeding program.  This was due to the fact that there is a high demand for Juliana pigs and I also wanted to wait for just the right Mr. Man Pig for my girls.  On July 31, 2017 my first Boar ("Gunther of Michigan Mini Pig") finaly arrived to his new home.  That same day Dottie was bred by Gunther.  We'll have to wait to see if this first breeding for Dottie was sucessful or not.  

Wisconsin Mini Juliana pigs come from very good breeding stock.  According to the breeder they can be traced back many generations to the original Juliana pigs imported to America in the 1980's by Wolfs Den Zoo in Michigan.  They have great confirmation, lots and lots of spots and most importantly, are very sweet and docile little pigs.   

My pigs are being raised and cared for in my home and they have access to the outside when ever they wish to go out doors.  They share my home along with my four dogs.  My pigs seem to enjoy being part of the family, being in the middle of the action and are free to roam around in their "pig apartment" located in my walk-out basement. 

I may be new at breeding Juliana pigs, but have raised and cared for animals all my life.  I have always had a very special connection with animals.  ​I have a small hobby farm and currently have two horses, three mini horses, three goats and as I mentioned before... four dogs and of coarse my three Juliana pigs.  They all get along well and enjoy each others company.  

​Our little pigglets will be brought into this world wanted and already loved. They'll be imprinted at birth and immediately looked after in a warm, dry, prepared nursery.  By the time you receive your piglet they will have already mastered or will be in the process of learning a few things.  You will receive your piglet at 8 weeks or older and will be working on their litter box potty training.  They learn fast... so this is an easier task to train for.  Piglets will also be getting use to a harness.  This training becomes important for when they are older and it is easier for them to walk on a leash than it is for you to pick them up and carry them.  All piglets will be well mannered for bathes, up to date on hoof care, vaccinations, deworming, and vet checked.  All of our piglets will be raised inside my home.  With their purchase you will also get a mini pig care guide, health records, a agreement contract and any on going support you might need.

​Because Juiana Pigs are unusual pets, we have the desire to assure that they are going into the best situation, with qualified owners.  Pigs can live 15 years or longer.  Pig Rescue Shelters are full of pigs that have been sold/represented as micro or mini pigs only to grow much larger than their owners can handle/accommodate
in thier homes.  That is why it is so....IMPORTANT that you buy a Juliana Pig from an honest breeder.  All my piglets that are adopted and placed in new homes, are accompanied with an contract agreement.